Rye Castles Day with 'History Off The Page'

Prep School Humanities

From the start of the day pupils from Years 1 - 6, dressed in their magnificent medieval townsfolk costumes and imagined themselves living in a medieval castle.

Through role-play, they experienced life, as it would have been living in the year 1140. The pupils used authentic tools and materials wherever possible to learn skills as apprentices in a wide variety of workshops. They tried their hand at making leather-hanging pockets, scent bags, soap balls, pies, cresset lamps, cures and clay gargoyles.

In the afternoon, they had a banquet to celebrate defeating the wicked Sir Jeffrey. There was feasting and entertainment including juggling, acrobatics, jousting, dancing and a play.

By the end of the day, everyone had a good idea of how it felt to live in a castle in medieval times. Please take a look at the photos of the day.

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