Prep School Sugg Cup Competition 2018

Prep School Competitions

Each year Rye St Antony run the Sugg Cup Reading Competition in both the Prep and Senior Schools. It is now time to choose the extract that you would like to perform!

All pupils from Reception-Year 6 are invited to select a short reading on the theme of ‘Journeys’ and compete in the class heats, to take place during the week of Monday 12 - Friday 16 March. Class heats take place in English lessons and are moderated by the Form Tutor or English teacher for that class. Two pupils from each year group will be selected to compete in the Sugg Cup Final on Thursday 22 March at 2.00pm in the Rendall Hall (last years winner is pictured) A member of the Senior English/Drama departments or the Senior Librarian judges the competition. Winners for KS1 and 2 will be awarded House Points, as will runners-up.

Pupils are asked to select and practise their extract as part of their reading homework; teachers will offer assistance in reviewing the selections and offer advice about suitable books. Happy reading, everyone!

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