Pat Ryan Storytelling Visit

Whole School Library

Last week we were lucky to have a visit from Pat Ryan, a professional storyteller

Pat enchanted Rye’s Year 4-6 pupils with two stories: 'The Sleeping Prince' and 'The Best Wish' that inspired more well-known fairy tales. He also explained to the children how to create a story and use their own imagination. 'It's been the best English lesson ever' said one pupil and another said ‘He told us lots of stories and riddles. I really enjoyed listening to them and learning about where the stories came from and how they were developed'. Our Year 8 pupils were lucky to hear three stories: 'Happiness', 'The Heaven Ticket' and 'Pear Drum'. These stories also form the basis of some famous traditional fairy-tales. The visit was hugely enjoyable and inspired our own pupils to develop their own storytelling skills.


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