Rye's Prep School trip to Jack and The Beanstalk

Prep School Trips

A superb morning of fun, laughter, music and dancing saw the Christmas season at Rye get off to a great start with a trip to the Oxford Playhouse to see the panto! 

There was an atmosphere of great excitement as the pupils from Reception through to Year 6 and their teachers set off for our annual Pantomime visit on Monday. Several schools were in the audience and the children were in fine voice, cheering, singing, shouting, “He’s behind you!” booing the villain and generally having a wonderful time. There were many highlights, including the appearance of the Giant (who bore a remarkable resemblance to Donald Trump) and the brief yet much-enjoyed starring moment for Miss Riddel who was taken up on stage to sing! Most of the children’s favourite part of the morning was when the audience was showered with light rubber balls; these were returned, intermittently and yet enthusiastically, to the stage throughout the rest of the performance, in some cases with an impressive degree of accuracy. All had a brilliant time!

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