Citizenship Day 2017

Whole School Unspecified

Communication has been the focus of this week and in particular Rye's Citizenship Day led by Head of ICT,  Fiona Mullaney.

With a range of workshops to sign up for, students in the senior school were invited to attend sessions on animation, animal communication, silent film making, costume design, Makaton and journalism to name a few.  There was laughter and inquisitive questioning everywhere as students got involved in their own workshop and then shared their learning with their peers afterwards.  It was well-organised day where everyone learnt something new and quickly became a mini-expert in their field.

On Citizenship Day for the mathematics department, Mrs Matilal prepared a series of activities about secret messages.  The pupils learned about the history of coding a message, from simply hiding the message by writing it in invisible inks, to using ultra-violet light, right up to more complicated methods of coding, such as Caesar shift ciphers and Vigenere squares.  The group finally enjoyed trying to solve a murder mystery involving a series of coded messages.  The day was very enjoyable, fun and informative. A winning mix. Click here for the photos.

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