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Central to the school’s philosophy is the importance of recognising each pupil as an individual whose talents, interests and needs are to be identified and supported.  


The Learning Support team can be called upon to work with individual pupils whatever their age or ability. The Learning Support teachers tailor a pupil’s Learning Support programme according to individual needs and requirements. 


The team works hard to integrate Learning Support sessions as seamlessly as possible into the main school timetable, with most pupils being taught either individually or, for those with similar needs, in pairs or small groups.


Diagnostic testing and regular progress review help to ensure that pupils are receiving the best possible help and support, and the pupil passport gives a helpful overview of the individual pupil’s learning profile.


The Learning Support teachers recognise that communication is the key to success – whether this is with the pupil, with parents, with other teachers or with outside agencies.


For pupils with a specific learning difficulty – for example dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia – the Learning Support team is able to help with the development of study skills, personal organisation and learning strategies.


The purpose of each Learning Support programme is to ensure that pupils can develop the skills needed to follow an inclusive programme of study throughout their school years.


Our School Counsellor, Liz Eldridge, works with the Learning Support teachers to promote mental and emotional health.   


The Head of the Learning Support team is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Nicole DeRushie.  Miss DeRushie can be contacted directly: nderushie@ryestantony.co.uk


The Learning Support Process


In advance of each pupil’s entry, a school reference and the most recent school report will have been requested, together with any relevant additional information (for example an educational psychologist’s report), so that this material can be made available to subject teachers, form tutors and Learning Support teachers. Pre-entry reports and assessments give valuable baseline data, and pupil progress is then carefully monitored and recorded to keep pupil, parents and teachers clearly aware of the pupil’s learning profile and how best to support the pupil’s progress. Any pupil having help from a Learning Support teacher will have an individual education plan as well as a pupil passport. 


Fees for Learning Support are charged at an hourly rate, details as given in the annual fee schedule.


Learning Difficulties and Special Educational Needs


The Revised Code of Practice (January 2002) takes into account the special educational needs provisions of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 which introduced the right for disabled pupils not to be discriminated against in education, and we follow this Code of Practice.  We recognise that that pupils with learning difficulties or special educational needs might need specifically adapted learning experiences. We also aim to integrate these pupils as far as possible into all activities. For further details, please see the Disability Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Learning Support Policy



English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support


The Learning Support team helps pupils who are learning English as an additional language by offering tuition and a range of support options within the framework of an individual education plan created according to the individual pupil’s needs. On entry, a pupil whose first language is not English is given a standardised diagnostic test, so that the level of EAL support needed can be ascertained. The Learning Support teachers work closely with subject teachers to ensure EAL pupils reach their full potential.  

In Rye St Antony my husband and I found the perfect ‘fit’ of school for the specific needs of our daughter.
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