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Rye St Antony was recently inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), and they have judged the school to be excellent- its highest rating- in all categories and that it meets all compliance criteria.

At Rye St Antony, we are proud of our recent school inspection reports which all rate us as ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Excellent’. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of our teaching and support staff and we were delighted with the outcome of these reports.

Our February 2017 ISI report says the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent and that pupils are highly articulate, mature and responsive young people who inhibit extremely positive attitudes towards their learning. Rye St Antony pupils also contribute very positively to the both the school and the wider community.

The report highlights as a factor in this success, the warm and trusting relationship between teachers and their pupils which ensures that pupils feel well supported, both in class and in their extra-curricular activities. The teachers’ high expectations, in pacey and enjoyable lessons and extra-curricular session observed, makes a substantial contribution to Rye’s successful pupil outcomes.

The inspectors stated that pupils have an excellent understanding of the difference between right and wrong, behave extremely well towards each other and treat each other with very high levels of respect and consideration. The report also notes that pupils’ substantial self-confidence and self-knowledge enable them to work extremely effectively with others.

Our Early Years Centre has Outstanding features where each child is nurtured and provision for children’s welfare is excellent. Outcomes are outstanding and children are well prepared for the next stage of their learning.

Links between parents and the school are excellent and parents are overwhelmingly supportive. The Governing Body is highly committed to the school’s success and the Management and Leadership is described as ‘excellent’ and ‘outstanding’. The school’s Headmistress, Alison Jones is described as having a clear and positive vision. Our Ofsted Boarding Report of 2011 is rated Outstanding with an emphasis on healthy lifestyles, where boarders enjoy the learning and school experience. The school is praised for giving children a strong sense of safety and well-being and provision for children’s welfare is excellent.

The Diocesan Inspection of 2011 cites pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development as ‘excellent’ with respect and care a defining feature. There is an emphasis on the uniqueness of the individual as well as an imaginative approach to teaching. Pupils grow in confidence socially and their cultural development is excellent, reflecting the international nature of the community. Pupils willingly take the initiative in carrying out ‘good works’ within the local community.

To read any of the recent inspection reports in more detail, please click on the PDF Links below.

ISI – Excellent in 2014, 2011 and 2017

ISI - Educational Quality Inspection and Focused Compliance Inspection February 2017            Click here to download the full report 

ISI – Boarding Inspection Report of May 2014Click here to download the full report

ISI – Boarding Inspection Report of May 2011Click here to download the full report

Ofsted – Outstanding in 2011 (Most recent Ofsted Report)

Ofsted – Boarding Inspection of May 2011Click here to download the full report

Diocesan Inspection – Good, Outstanding and Excellent in 2011

Diocesan Inspection of March 2011 – Click here to download the full report

For too many schools the meaning of success has just one dimension - exam grades. While passes are important at Rye St Antony they are not the sum total of all that the school offers its pupils.
Senior School Parent