School Life at Rye St Antony Boarding School in Oxfordshire

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School life at Rye St Antony is interesting, varied, busy, happy and purposeful.

This underpins our holistic approach to education where individuality is highly valued and pupils are encouraged to accept new challenges, take initiative and play an active part in the school community.

Visit Rye St Antony on any one day and you will find so much more going on than classroom lessons, important as they are. From charity events and cake sales to lunchtime clubs, library activities and sports tournaments, every day is different and inspiring.

Being situated together on one beautiful 12 acre site in central Oxford, all ages from three to 18 are given an opportunity to mix with one another. Pupils support and care for each other through a range of mentoring systems and older girls play an active part in assisting younger pupils in many areas.

Welcome to our school community, you’ll find it’s refreshingly different and innovative, yet fully supported by the values of our Catholic heritage. You’ll soon see for yourself what makes us unique.

What comes through repeatedly is the caring, happy ethos and the attention to each child
Hero Brown,